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The Mariner

The Mariner

Treat yourself to the smooth and efficent performance that the Mariner brings to the table.

Save time and money with this state of the art, air cooling, filtration and delivery system.

Made from 100% renewable energy and includes biodegradable, cleanable and reacyclabe materials.

Customer satisfaction is 100% garunteed.

All units sold on this official site are the most advanced design to date and pass rigerous quality control. Whats in the box?

Your package includes all the pieces you need:The Mariner inner and outter chambers

Glass on glass down stem slide and bowl head (2) one short one long

Five removable and replacable hit hoses

High quality brass screens (5)

Hempwick (2)

Official stamped letter of authenticity with instructions and care advice

Price includes taxes.


The Fine Print:


By purchasing The Mariner you (the customer) agree and confirm you are 21 years of age or older and abiding by all laws in your area. These terms and conditions must be true and valid at time of purchase to secure the product and retain your newly aquired private membership privledges. Upon purchase you (the customer) agree to these terms and conditions and agree to uphold the spirit and verbage of this contractual agreement. Psigenx Labs Inc. and its affiliates in no way shape or form take or accept responsibility for what you (the willing and consenting customer) choose to do with your clean unit. Also by purchasing The Mariner you (the freedom of choice customer) have no ill will or intent to harm, premeditated or otherwise, this small business and or its affilitates, employees and further more you forfeit any right, claim or charge in this regaurd.


Enjoy your Mariner and thank you for your purchase! Be sure to use your private mebership bonuses!

Contact: with any questions


Prepare for liftoff! 

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