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Born From Fun!

Elevating people for good times and enabling new experiences.

All Mariners are made with 100% wind and solar renewable energy and include lifetime realistic biodegradable materials made from plant starches and sugars.

Once you purchase the Mariner you are officially included in the private membership of the Mariner family. Hold on to your order number in case you need it for verification purposes later. This automatic, private and entry fee is covered by your first purchase, membership grants the customer privileges such as: smart upgrades, inexpensive replacement inner chambers, bulk deals, and more... 

Psigenx Labs Inc. was founded by a band of brothers, supported by and for the people we seek to uplift. This everlasting mantra has been and will be the guiding light for the team during customer interactions and while we introduce the world to a cleaner, smoother more efficient and effective way to indulge. We continuously strive to provide a refined and stellar product, experience and supporting environment. 

If you are a repeat customer, member specialized discounts and customizations are available. 

May the Mariner touch your life in the ways it has touched ours. 

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